How to Edit a Recipe in MyFitnessPal

how to edit a recipe in myfitnesspal

Modern hectic lifestyle implies that it’s particularly essential to take care of one’s physical well-being. My Fitness Portal is a popular app used by many for tracking their dietary intake and physical activity levels. Easy to use, this programme keeps track of calorie intake, macros, and moreover its users. The ability to create and modify recipes is one of the features provided by MyFitnessPal. We’ll show you how to edit a recipe in MyFitnessPal so you can make modifications based on your personal preference and your nutritional requirements.

1.The Importance of Accurate Recipes

Whenever we go into the procedure for editing, it’s necessary to talk about why it’s so essential to have precise recipes. Knowing the actual ingredients in your food is important whether you’re on an extremely restrictive diet or just making an effort to improve your general nutrition and eating behaviors. Your achievement against achieving your fitness and health objectives may be evaluated in precise terms by entering comprehensive recipes into your MyFitnessPal account and employing that data for determining your daily calories and mineral requirements.

2.How to Edit a Recipe in MyFitnessPal

Accessing MyFitnessPal

Activate the MyFitnessPal recipe maker by launching the app on your mobile device. Signup for a username and password and register in if you have not yet.

Navigating to Your Recipe Box

The More material option will appear in the top-right corner of your screen once you’ve successfully checked in. Click “Meals, Recipes, and Foods” in the navigation bar. To get recipes, go to the respective website.

Locating the Recipe to Edit

A history of the recipes you’ve saved may be viewed in your Recipe Box. Look through your collection of recipes and pick the one you want to alter.

Making Changes

An “Edit” option will appear once you’ve chosen the recipe. By selecting it, you may modify the recipe’s components, measurements, and procedures.

Saving the Edits

If you modify anything and then decide you don’t like it, you may undo your changes by hitting the “Save” button. Make the necessary adjustments to your recipe and save it.

3.Tips for Effective Recipe Editing

  • Verify the updates twice to make sure they are correct.
  • Try switching things around to accommodate your special diet.
  • Count how many new servings your recipe tweaks will create.

4.Benefits of Recipe Customization

MyFitnessPal’s recipe editing features include, but are not limited to:

  • Make adjustments to recipes to fit your diet.
  • Catering to those with dietary restrictions due to food intolerances.
  • Reducing or increasing serving sizes to facilitate calorie counting.
  • Altering recipes to use more nutritious substances.


As a conclusion, modifying a recipe in MyFitnessPal is a straightforward and efficient method to tailor your diet to your specific needs and maintain your fitness progress. Each of the steps have been set out so that you can make use of this characteristic to benefit yourself and build meals according to your personal preferences and needs for nutrition.


1.Can I edit a recipe on the MyFitnessPal website as well?

The MyFitnessPal app and desktop site both support modifying existing recipes.

2.Are the changes I make to my recipes reflected in my daily food diary?

When you make a change to a recipe, it will reflect in all of the entries in your food journal where that recipe was used.

3.Can I undo changes I made to a recipe if I make a mistake?

MyFitnessPal does not have an undo function for recipe changes. Nonetheless, it is possible to undo your edits by hand.

4.Will my edited recipes be available for others to see in the MyFitnessPal community?

The MyFitnessPal community will not be able to see your modified recipes unless you want to make them public.

5.Can I edit a recipe multiple times?

An unlimited number of revisions to a recipe to suit your tastes are possible.

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